7 tips for a shapely buttocks

7 tips for a shapely buttocks

A beautiful, rounded buttocks is the dream of many women (and men!), especially with the approach of good weather. Unfortunately, Christmas dinner, New Year's Eve, all kinds of holidays and the upcoming Easter chocolates don't really help you get back in shape. Very simple solutions can then be very useful to you.

Summer is approaching and many take the opportunity to (re)take up sports to slim down, build muscles or simply spend more time outside. Generally, getting a shapely buttocks is one of the goals that new athletes set for themselves. Fortunately, there are simple and effective tips. To begin with, you need to know what constitutes a buttocks. There are 3 muscles: the small buttocks at the top, the medium buttocks outwards and the large buttocks. The latter gives the much sought-after rounded appearance. The two others mainly tone the hips.

1. Take care of your buttocks before, during and after the shower.
If you want to have a nice butt, you have to take care of it. That makes sense. In the shower, an exfoliation helps to limit cellulite. Note that essential oils can also help fight orange peel skin. Always massage the skin from bottom to top in circles. After a shower, it is recommended to spray cold water on the buttocks. This helps to firm the tissues. This is also true for the thighs and stomach.

2. Proteins, a powerful ally
Almost everything (or almost everything) depends on a good diet. To build up muscles in the buttocks or any other part of the body, you need protein. Fish and white meat are assets. Of course, you shouldn't only eat that, fruits and vegetables are essential for a balanced diet. You have to read the packaging to avoid saturated fats. Saturated fats are synonymous with flabby buttocks because they help to store fats.

3. Walking for the sake of your buttocks
Before embarking on complex physical exercises, it is important to know that walking is an excellent way to strengthen your buttocks. But it must be done correctly. With each step, you have to push on your heels. The legs must also be well unrolled for better efficiency. Also, climbing stairs helps to strengthen the muscular effort. Simply by walking, the buttocks and the back of the thighs become more muscular.

4. 60 seconds a day
In order to make more progress quickly, it is necessary to resolve to do targeted exercises. These do not require special equipment. The so-called "chair" exercise is highly recommended. With your back to the wall, simply descend until you form a right angle between your thighs and your back. The idea is to make an imaginary chair. This little 60-second exercise should be repeated daily.

5. A series of cross slits
With a little more time, other exercises can easily be done at home. Like cross lunges. The beginning of the exercise is done standing with feet apart and hands on hips. Then the right leg must stretch to the side before going behind the left leg by bending the knees. The feet must be in line and the knee angles must be straight. To finish, just go back up and return to your starting position before starting again on the other side. Each set consists of 10 movements and must be repeated 4 times with one minute rest intervals between each.

6. 6. The elastic band, the secret of concrete muscles
This accessory can be found very easily in sports shops. There are several uses to work the buttocks properly such as extending the hips on the floor. At the beginning, you should lie on your left side with your left arm stretched out on the ground, your head on the ground, your right hand on the ground and the elastic connected to both ankles. Both feet are bent and the right leg is raised until it pulls too much and you stay at this height for 3 seconds before slowly coming down again. A series of 12 (6 right, 6 left) repeated 3 times seems like a good start.

7. Saving appearance
In the meantime, it is always possible to invest in sculpting clothes. The Padded Boxer Briefs Sexy Butt Lifting are very successful in this field among men. To find one of good quality, it is necessary to count between 20 usd to 55 usd. Leggings are also available. 

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