10 best sports leggings? explanations and comparison

10 best sports leggings? explanations and comparison

Playing sports every day is a good thing, but playing sports means, first and foremost, being well equipped for your activity. Here we are not going to talk about mechanical sports but about fitness and gymnastics. The equipment is mainly focused on sportswear. For women it is first and foremost the sports pants that should be chosen and in particular the leggings. Of course, men also wear leggings in their sports activity. But what exactly are leggings?


Leggings from the Middle Ages to the present day.
This Anglo-Saxon term indicates the word "leg" for leg in French. It was in the Middle Ages that we began to see the arrival of tight-fitting wool pants to protect us from the cold. With the passage of time and the evolution of materials, cotton gives way to synthetics for what we know today as lycra leggings. Let's not forget that lycra is a synthetic fiber quite elastic, perfect for a modern use in sports activities.




Choosing leggings has now become mandatory, as tight leggings are comfortable to wear and go well for physical activities at home or in a club. But finding the right leggings requires paying a little attention to different elements that can influence both quality and aesthetics. Therefore, to find the best leggings, it is necessary to dwell on the criteria that will make for effective, comfortable and durable tight leggings.


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With what criteria should you choose your sports leggings?
The choice of sportswear is linked to many parameters that should not be left to chance. Indeed you could end up with uncomfortable and elastic pants or worse with a model that will not withstand the efforts made during the activity. Therefore, the choice of leggings should be taken seriously, taking into account the criteria that we will detail. This list is not exhaustive and it is possible that we will add items in the future in view of the evolution of this type of pants.

Size of leggings : We can imagine that the choice of sports leggings as leggings depends on your size. However, in a sporting activity whether in fitness or even jogging, it is necessary to have a perfectly fitted garment. Leggings have the particularity to exert pressure on the legs and thus promote better muscle work. Therefore, the choice of size will influence the pressure that the garment will produce on your body. Blood circulation will improve even more, as the tights will perfectly hug your body. To find the right size you should focus on the length of the pants, the waist and also the size of the hips. Here is a chart that can help you choose the best leggings.


Compression or not : You will find two types of leggings, compression leggings that will optimize the curve of your legs and wider leggings that will improve movement. If you practice a more fitness-oriented sport that requires significant strain on the legs and core, it is advisable to choose tight leggings. On the contrary, if you are in a more relaxed and laid back posture, it is advisable to recommend looser leggings, do not try to wear your leggings loose for cardio activity, for example, you will experience discomfort during your sessions. It is better to have both types of pants in your closet.

The material of the leggings : Although most leggings are made of synthetic fabric, you need to be attentive to the quality and also to the different dyes used for the color of the garment. A fabrics Polyester and elastane are particularly effective for leggings. Note that it is not recommended, for example, to use cotton leggings for intense sports activities that may irritate you during the session. On the contrary, materials such as polyester or spandex will facilitate the evacuation of perspiration and above all limit irritation due to excess heat. However, it should be noted that this type of clothing may therefore retain an unpleasant odor after a few sessions. Note in this regard that you can machine wash the tights at 30 ° to keep them clean and odorless.

The type of belt : We are talking about a belt, but it is mainly the high shape of the tights that will change. There are models without high belt that will rest on the hips. Here is the comfort of use of the garment. Depending on your activity, it is important that the leggings do not pull down during movements and do not reveal your intimacy. Leggings with a high waistband will allow greater freedom of movement and better support of the garment. Therefore, the high waistband is both a source of aesthetics and comfort with a garment attached to the body that will not move during your workouts.

The aesthetics of the leggings : Obviously, this remains a criterion that should not be overlooked when buying your leggings. On the one hand, you will find some leggings that will stop at the ankles and others that will go up to the calf. The choice here is to be able to play sports in summer with shorter leggings or longer ones for cooler temperatures.The choice of decoration is now possible with leggings that are no longer just plain but embellished with the most stylish decoration. . Looking good in your leggings is also an important thing and looking good in your pants is essential to feeling good, so don't neglect this aspect of your sportswear.



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