Close-up of a handsome and successful man in a white shirt with a tie, this handsome, strong man, elegant symbol of success.
A mix of classic and original, very accessory loving and always adaptable, the British style is a perfect condensed of all the principles of a sparkling and efficient elegance. Some looks can sometimes make the French talk, make them sue it for eccentricity: it's because our Latin instinct rarely gives us the keys to that special English humor that is also an integral part of any good and self-respecting British style.

To illustrate English sophistication, what could be better than a little tour through the history and wardrobe of an absolute icon of this uncompromising British men's fashion:
Man in black tuxedo standing with his hands in his pockets while looking far away on a black background.

It is certainly that you have, you also dreamed of possessing the charisma and allure of the secret agent 007 and we understand you! Because if there is an example of a male sex symbol that speaks to everyone, it is him! Each generation has its own actor and its specificities, but always the same codes, unstoppable: impeccable suits, sharp but sometimes improbable everyday outfits, a tie that can be easily put back on after every fight, crazy cars and girls to fall in a mess! Through Ian Fleming's celebrity character, the trends of more than sixty years of British fashion were expressed, and it's not over yet!

English rural style man with his newspaper in a cottage

Small details from the sixties have thus slipped into the latest collections, such as the so-called "Hawaiian" shirts or polo shirts close to the body, already dear to Sean Connery or Roger Moore in Bond. The military-inspired silhouettes, with Saharan and latticework "chequered", sexy trench coats, vests over white shirts, and chinos pants in colorama set the tone of a preppy and casual style at the same time. The key to success also lies in the particularly careful cuts, beautiful materials and custom-made accessories. Stylish, impeccably crafted belts, contemporary sunglasses, ties and pockets without fuss, but worn casually with linen jackets. The British touch is a story of the right balance, of subtlety between ultimate elegance and zero-defect humor.