How to choose the right running gear?

How to choose the right running gear?

Whether it's just for leisure or for your quest for performance, being well equipped for running is essential. If you have made the good resolution to do sports, it is good to know that running is one of those sports practices that are inexpensive and accessible to all. As with any physical activity, proper conditioning of your body and comfort are two essential conditions for safe exercise. Poor blood circulation due to tight clothing, for example, can lead to sprains or more serious accidents.

Like any other sport activity, you must be properly equipped. Running is no exception to the rule. This is why you must choose your outfit wisely. Good clothing will not only protect you from the main risks associated with a sporting activity, but it can also help you perform better in the long term. Running in uncomfortable clothes or clothes that are not adapted to this type of exercise will tend to make you tired more quickly, create irritations and therefore make you give up more quickly. To avoid this situation, follow our advice on how to choose your running clothes.

The material: an essential component for your outfit
The material of your outfit is a first particularly important element for your running outfit. For everyday life, we tend to prefer cotton clothes. In the case of sports, you should avoid this material! It is difficult to wick away moisture and does not allow your body to breathe during intense physical effort. The best materials are polyester and spandex. Not only do they allow your body to dry more quickly, which is useful when you sweat, but they also allow your body to breathe to promote good blood circulation and comfort during sports. The ideal is to have seamless clothing that will avoid any irritation.

Clothing adapted to the weather conditions
Running clothes are the same as everyday clothes: one can be perfectly adapted to summer, but absolutely not to winter, and vice versa. In cold weather, wear layers of clothing, always wearing a breathable garment in contact with the skin to help evacuate perspiration quickly. You can wear a long-sleeved shirt or a warmer jacket over it, but make sure they are always breathable. In very cold weather, feel free to add gloves and a hat to keep your body warm and comfortable.

In case of rain or wind, it is highly recommended to add a windbreaker, waterproof and breathable. Long leg tights are also recommended to keep you comfortable and warm, while protecting you from chafing.

Finally, in hot weather, choose T-shirts, tank tops and shorts. The latter should be very breathable, as it is in summer that we sweat the most during physical activity: they should therefore be able to evacuate your sweat quickly and protect you from humidity, which is particularly uncomfortable during physical activity.

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