How to choose the right suit size?

How to choose the right suit size?

The choice of the size of the suit is a must for a perfect look. The size of the suit must be chosen according to your morphology.

For men under 1.70 m and thin, choose a slim suit size with fitted pants that lengthen your silhouette and a jacket that should not go down below your buttocks.
If you're under 5'10" but slightly overweight, you should draw attention to your shoulders and face. Aim for a straight cut with a two-button jacket, very lightly pressed on your waist.

If you are tall and thin, you have a wide choice. A jacket with shoulders without padding will suit you perfectly.
For tall and stout men, prefer wide lapels on a relatively long two-button jacket. Limit designs and accessories.

The drop is the first information you need to know when you buy a suit.
It is the differential between the size of the jacket and the size of the pants.
This system is mainly used when jacket and pants are bought together.
To calculate the drop, measure your chest circumference, subtract the waist circumference and divide by two.
The drop is between 0 (for a very corpulent person) and 10 for a very thin man.

The most common is the drop 6, but there are variants such as 6L for those with slender legs.

If you choose a higher drop than the one that suits you, the jacket will fit you, but the pants will be too tight.
For the mismatched, simply choose separately the most suitable sizes for jacket and pants.
Of course, as with all clothing, the size depends greatly on the manufacturer.
You must also take into account the seam at the shoulders, which must coincide perfectly with the break of the shoulders.
Also check for the jacket falling between the shoulders: it must be flattened, without jamming.

Also, the collar should be pressed against the back of the collar of your shirt.
You must also make sure that the sleeves of your jacket are the right size.
Fists closed, thumbs up and arms along the body, your sleeves should reach the base of your thumbs.
To make sure you don't make a mistake, try on your suit.
If very marked folds appear when the jacket is closed, opt for a larger size.