How to dress to go to the gym?

When you've never been to the gym before, it's hard to figure out the ideal outfit for a big session. Pants, shorts? What material to choose? Running, training? To answer all these questions, follow our guide to dressing for the gym.

The top
Your dressing room may be full of T-shirts, but you still don't know which one to choose for the gym?

If you're going to the gym, you're bound to be doing repetitive movements. So the goal is to feel comfortable so you can be completely free to move. So you need a light and flexible tee-shirt that is neither too tight nor too loose.

And the material? It's best to avoid 100% cotton T-shirts. Indeed, this material tends to become heavier since it absorbs moisture instead of wicking it away. Especially since it triggers an unpleasant feeling of cold after the effort. This is neither pleasant nor comfortable. You should therefore turn to soft, breathable materials such as Polyamide, Elastane, CoolMax, Lycra or even Polyester. These materials are breathable and anti-perspirant.

The plus? There are technical bodybuilding garments that absorb moisture and reduce the sensation of perspiration on the torso.

You can also be tempted by a tank top (don't forget the deodorant).

The bottom
Same principle as for the choice of the tee-shirt, namely that you absolutely need a light and airy bottom. So, even if you do sports only to build up your arms or back, you will probably sweat all over. We therefore advise you to turn to shorts that give you a better ease.

The cut? Opt for a cut that falls above the knee to avoid itching when you flex.

The plus? Also consider choosing shorts with a closed pocket (scratch or zip) to store your lock keys.

The pair of Sneakers
Let's move on to choosing your pair of sneakers to wear to the gym. The most important thing is to choose a light pair of sneakers with good cushioning. Indeed, your feet must be well maintained because they will perform a large number of movements.

What about the sole? A thick, flexible sole is ideal for good cushioning in the front and back. Moreover, we advise you to keep this pair of shoes only for sport in order not to wear out the sole.

The plus? We advise you to choose a model in honeycomb fabric, because this material is more comfortable and lets your feet breathe.

You may not have thought about it, but support accessories are also an optimal choice for dressing at the gym. Yes, they provide good support for your body.

Socks should not be chosen at random either. There are thermoregulating socks, which do not retain heat and eliminate moisture.