Men's Bikini Swimwear Blogs

Men's Bikini Swimwear Blogs

A stylish look even at the beach!

The beautiful days have pointed their nose - despite the floods and heavy rains, so it's time to prepare your little look to be stylish even on the beach! We've put together a look dedicated to the occasion for a day or evening at the beach.

Be stylish even on the beach!
We will finally be able to make small weekend at the seaside or even vacations, it would not be bad that! To take full advantage and still have style, here are the key pieces we have found for this summer.

The outfit for a trendy arrival on the beach
For your outfit, it is also necessary to ensure the style for a top arrival on the beach. We think of shorts with a classic but trendy cut, a polo shirt for elegance, and a little sweater if the day goes on for an impromptu aperitif.

The shorts
On my side, always a bit of a pain to find the right shorts that will have the perfect cut in terms of width and length. This year, I tested and totally approved the shorts. Wear them with a white shirt for a stylish look or with a t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look. Perfect to adapt and to vary the styles.

Elegant and ultra comfortable: the waistband is elastic so no worries about feeling totally comfortable. In terms of colors, you'll have plenty to choose from, they offer these classically shaped shorts in a volume of incredible colors. It's up to you to have a blast this summer, whether you're rocking the color or complementing your classics.

The Polo
To give your outfit a more elegant look, just throw on a polo shirt. You'll be comfortable, comfortable but more stylish than a t-shirt. After that, it's up to you to see what style you want to have. Depending on the circumstances as well. As you know, I've totally fallen for the Aristow polo shirts that I can't get enough of.

 So it's with one of them that I complete my look: a navy blue polo to counter with the sand color of the shorts and to bring out the colors. The advantage of navy blue is that it will go as well for the day as for the evening, if the mood is right. Even when full of salt, I'll keep a stylish beachside look.

The Sweater
Always anticipate if the day goes on until the aperitif or even the dinner in a beach restaurant. Here is the ideal sweater to finish this day at the beach and to wear without moderation the weekend on vacation or not by the way! It will give you the impression to be on vacation all year long.


Style and comfort guaranteed for your outings in town or by the sea! Make the difference this summer and stand out from your friends.

We admit, we have some in our wardrobe but whether it is to go out in the summer or as indoor slippers, they are really perfect and stylish.

And for the bath?
This year, we give color always in trends for accessories. We choose a bathing short and original glasses in shell material!

The short of bath
The essential obviously of the beach look, it is the short of bath and this year, we were seduced by the coloured and ultra tendency collection of the shop S. Do you know them? They have an incredible choice of swimsuits for men and children.


Happy Holidays to all!


Arrive in a faded, shapeless t-shirt, long surfer shorts and havaianas flip flops, anyone can do it. Everyone does it well, by instinct, and besides, there are few people who take offense, so why do it otherwise? After all, you're going to sweat on a towel, so why make the effort to dress well?


Only if you've seen movies like And God... Created Woman, Full Sun or its American adaptation The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Swimming Pool, or even movies with Marcello Mastroianni, maybe you've seen what's charming and pleasant about being elegant at the beach.

Don't worry, I'm not talking about a tie, jacket or closed shoes. I'm not talking about spending the same vacation as Mr. Hulot, but I encourage people to make the effort to be presentable in a context where everything pushes us not to be.

Because it is in situations like these that we see the real elegant ones. Yes, elegance is even played out on the short distance between the car and the beach.

By the way, you'll forgive me for digressing, but at Pitti Uomo, that famous men's fashion show in Florence, you can tell the real elegant ones from the fake ones pretty quickly. There is an implacable truth, which cannot be mimicked, that emanates from the real elegant ones, those who are elegant even to go to the beach and I am not talking about buying expensive clothes, I am talking about choosing your clothes with care even in the most informal moments.


It is that which gives this truth which one carries then everywhere with oneself and which does not deceive.

A good beach outfit is :

A short-sleeved top
Swim shorts
A head covering
Open-toed shoes



Of course, you have the right to wear a swimsuit. Especially if you're over 50, if your skin is already dark as soon as summer starts, if there's a bit of irreverence in you and confidence in every atom of your body.

Maybe you even have a little dog with a human name that you hug because it has trouble walking in the sand.

You are a regular at the beach, the municipal employees greet you. You know every grain of sand and always put your towel in the same place at the same time every day.

You are in Cannes, or along the Amalfi Coast, the Costa Brava or anywhere else as long as the water that licks your beach is called Mediterranean.

But for everyone else, I recommend swimming shorts. I'm a firm believer in the idea that there is no such thing as elegance without a little modesty, and that any clothing that doesn't taint the dignity of its wearer is always preferable.

Or you have to know how to distill a little dose of shamelessness in a dignified outfit: it's for example the shirt that you have opened a little too much, in a context of strong heat, or it's the little watch a little bling on a tanned skin.

To say it now, the swim shorts should come above the knee and its length should be harmonious with your height.

A guide to swim shorts has been published, but I can give you this advice here:

if you are tall, don't take it too short
if you are short, not too long
if you're medium, I'd say mid-thigh shorts are best.
By the way, short shorts provide more freedom of movement. This can be useful when your kid is running away to hug a giant jellyfish and you have to dive to stop this balloon that is taking the way of the nasal septum of a sleeping granny, like Martin Parr.