The suit jacket is the flagship piece of the costume. It is the piece that you notice first, so it is very important to have the right jacket, with the right size and fit. Otherwise the look can fall apart.

The jacket is also very versatile and can easily add a touch of class to an everyday casual look. It can be combined with a plain t-shirt as well as a turtleneck sweater, cardigan or open shirt.

The suit jacket exists in multiple forms, colors and materials. At first glance they may all look the same, but knowing how to differentiate them will help you avoid making style mistakes or knowing the risk if you break the rules.
The sports jacket often sizes larger so you can add a sweater underneath. Some even have a jacket attached underneath with a zipper.

Thinner materials
The most versatile
More patterns and variations

The blazer is often smaller and shorter than the sports jacket. It comes in many variations and can be combined with other elements of the suit or everyday clothing. It is the most versatile of the three.

The suit jacket
Fine materials
Simpler patterns and colors
Part of a set
It is often tighter but also longer, but it varies a lot from brand to brand. It must have the perfect shape, so it is often necessary to go to the tailor.