What to wear when it's summer or hot

You don't want to look too sweaty, so usually dress just before the interview starts. But what to wear so you don't melt during the interview?
As mentioned above, a general rule of thumb in business is knee length clothing for women. This is perfect if you want to wear shorts or a skirt. The minimum length should be about a hand's width above the knee. Combine this with a short sleeve blouse - and voila! You are perfectly dressed.
For men it's a little more complicated. We know that many companies still require long pants. Feel free to combine that with a mid-sleeve top. When it's hot, your employer won't have a problem with you not wearing a jacket.
If it's a really formal interview, put it on just before you start the interview and ask to take it off because of the heat. This way you will still show your style and etiquette.

What to wear to a Skype interview
Think you can only wear half an outfit, because you think the other half will be in the camera's field of vision? Don't do it! The time may come when you have to stand up. In fact, the interviewer may ask you to do so. So, same rule as above - it's still a job interview!

To summarize: if you dress well, you will look and feel impressive. If you feel good, you will be even more confident. This is the spirit you need to succeed in your interview! So dress for success!

Dressing is obviously not the only thing to keep in mind during a job interview. That's why last week we posted our list of things to prepare for a job interview. So if you want to know more about how to make your interview the best it can be, find out here how to prepare for it - from a week in advance to the big day. There is no better way to keep your nerves under control and go in with confidence to land the job you want!