Why wear a suit?

Why wear a suit?

For those of you who still hesitate to put on a suit, we have selected several reasons to wear it:

The suit is mandatory for certain professions, especially executives.
It can be a massive tool of seduction.
It often carries meaning and symbolism.
The costume makes it possible to affirm your personality.
It brings a serious touch to your appearance.
A suit makes you look intriguing, sophisticated and trustworthy.
It can give you a story to tell, a way to get past those awkward moments when you have nothing to say.
A suit enhances you and greatly increases your self-esteem.

The costume being composed at the same time of a jacket and pants, we are going to see the elements constituting each one of them.
The jacket is composed of the following elements:
The collar
The foot of the collar
The guts
The break
The flip side
The sleeve head
Chest pocket
The buttons
The buttonhole
The front panel
The crossroads
The sleeve

The pants are as for him constituted by :
The waist line
The fly
The fork
The fold
The hem

Several elements must be taken into consideration before choosing your suit: the cut, the material, the color, as well as the size.

The suit assembly
The shape of the costume
The suit material is a capital element
The COLOR of costume so that it is adapted to your outfits
The SIZE of your suit to fit you perfectly

The gray suit is undoubtedly the essential suit in his dressing room, because of its versatility.
Navy blue is one of the most worn colors, whether at work, at a dinner party or at a wedding.
The black suit is difficult to wear at work, but is rather suitable for parties.
Moreover, it allows you to refine your silhouette.
However, don't limit yourself to these three colors.
There are others that fit perfectly with any look, casual or chic, such as brown, olive green or beige.

Opting for a plain suit isn't lacking in taste, but you can also bet on patterns.