KANCOOLD brand sporting suit men Suit Men Hoodies Sets Mens Gyms Sportswear Jogger Suit Male Tracksuit sets 9.23

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If throughout the year we give an important place to the basics (clothes, shoes and accessories) that form the basis of our dressing room, men's fashion is also influenced by trends. They often have as a starting point the designer fashion shows that take place during the famous fashion week. A bi-annual appointment that the street style phenomenon has helped to popularize. At the beginning of each season, we carry out our own trend review to determine what seemed really relevant to us; in the capacity of these trends to influence ready-to-wear and therefore our daily lives. It's obvious that some unlikely current trends will have a hard time finding their way into our wardrobe. On the other hand, the appearance or the return of certain patterns or pieces can bring something new to our outfits. Because mastering the basics is good, but being inspired by trends to change your look according to what suits you and what you like is better.




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