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Fashion for every type of man

Nowadays, it is no longer only women who are inspired by the world of fashion. More and more men like to constantly renew their style. The diversity of today's fashion makes this hobby much easier: men's fashion is constantly being updated. Men always have a choice between elegant, casual or sporty styles. bonprix offers fashion for every style :

Elegant and timeless suits for work and special occasions.
Shirts with a modern cut
A wide choice of classic and trendy trousers
Fashionable jackets and vests

You will also find a choice of modern accessories that will perfectly complete your outfit.

Men's fashion for every occasion
Suits are the absolute classic of men's fashion. In the old days, gentlemen wore it every day. Today, it is only reserved for the office and special occasions. You will find suits at unbeatable prices at bonprix. In his leisure time, a man can dress to his heart's content without any restrictions. bonprix offers comfortable and trendy men's fashion. The active man will also find functional yet modern sportswear.

The right choice of men's accessories
It is important to choose the accessories that match your outfit. For example, the choice of shoes will determine whether the look will be chic or casual. An outdated rule of men's fashion requires that the colour of the belt should match the colour of the shoes. This is no longer an obligation as long as the belt is of good quality. The watch is the perfect complement to the outfit - whether sporty or elegant. During very cold weather, the man can wear a hat and a scarf or a scarf.

What clothes should be part of a man's wardrobe?
You can easily and quickly put together outfits if you have some basic equipment in your wardrobe. This base can be extended according to your preferences. So what are the most important items of clothing in men's fashion?

The classic: jeans that fit you perfectly. They are easy to combine and are a must in everyday fashion.
The white T-shirt is mandatory. Wear it with jeans and a leather jacket - that's casual and modern.
Another basic piece: the leather jacket. Whether it's made of real or synthetic leather, the important thing is that it's well cut.
A white shirt for chic occasions.
A quality tie that will complement the shirt on festive occasions such as a wedding.
The suit: if you only want to buy one suit, choose a timeless design. Overly original cuts or extravagant colours may be out of fashion the following year.
A classic coat in black or grey. This can be worn with a suit at the office or with sneakers during leisure time.

Men's fashion for every occasion in all sizes.
So that every man can find the perfect outfit, bonprix offers a wide selection of sizes at the same price. Discover our collections and let yourself be inspired! Order in just a few clicks and you will quickly receive your new clothes at home.




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